Parent involvement equals student acheivement.

The main role of the P.S. 233 PTA is to build strong relationships among parents, teachers and schools, in support of our students. This includes recruiting and coordinating volunteers, organizing parent education events, planning teacher appreciation and other activities, fundraising to support school initiatives and needs, and much more.

Our PTA meetings allow us to share important information and answer questions that many of you may have. When schools reopen, let’s fill our auditorium and work together to keep our school a vibrant institution of learning for our children and the adults that serve them.


Executive Board:

  • President: Tiara Grey-Lubin

  • Treasurer: Callyann Cato

  • Secretary: Natasha Dawkins

  • Members-at-Large: Carla Evans, Natasha Hinds, Callyann Cato


For more information about our PTA and how you can get involved, please contact our PTA President, Tiara Grey-Lubin.


Assuring the highest-quality program for all students

School Leadership Team members in Google

Our School Leadership Teams (SLT) is a school-based organization with an equal number of parents and staff. SLT meetings are held at school at least once per month. Mandatory members of the SLT include: the school principal, the PTA president (or designated co-president), and the UFT chapter leader. Parent members of our SLT are nominated by the school’s PTA. Staff members are nominated by their constituents. 


The main responsibility of the SLT is to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), which must align with the school-based budget.  Our SLT invites input from various school constituencies to ensure all voices are heard regarding the needs of students. SLT members work together to evaluate how effective the school’s educational programs are, and their impact on student achievement. 

SLT Members:

  • Denean Stephens-Spellman, Principal

  • Tiara Grey-Lubin, PTA President

  • Marina Trotman, UFT Union Representative Member

  • Sade Constantine, Co-Chairperson

  • Judy Smith, Co-Chairperson

  • Mary Browne, Correspondence Secretary

  • Fleur Dellimore, Recording Secretary

  • Halina Grechko, Staff

  • Michelle Anderson, Parent

  • Wendy Best, Parent

  • Natasha Dawkins, Parent

  • Shermaine Faria, Parent

  • Blondelle Grazette, Parent

  • Ashley Solomon-McCoy, Parent


Meetings are held via teleconference while schools are closed. All SLT meetings are open to the public.

To learn more, please contact our SLT Co-Chair, Ms. Sade Constantine.