Makeba Slowe

My name is Makeba Slowe, and I am the English as a New Language (ENL) instructor at P.S. 233. I provide a supportive, research-based ENL curriculum aimed at improving my student’s English language skills. Generally, I teach my students within their regular classrooms.  In this way, I can help modify classwork and assist students in meeting the expectations of their classroom teachers. 


I make every effort to keep in close contact with parents and provide them with regular progress reports.  All my written communications are translated in the respective languages of my students, and translators are available for those who need them.


I enrich students' ENL program with field trips, special events and performances to engage students’ language development skills--speaking, listening, reading and writing.

I also serve as a Response to Literature teacher for part of each day.  In this role I develop students' understanding and appreciation for all types of literature, encouraging spoken and written responses to texts.

Makeba Slowe, ENL Teacher
Shelly Ann Nesbitt

My name is Shelly Ann Nesbitt and I am the School Social Worker at P.S 233. My primary role is to provide counseling and social-emotional support to students. I also engage families in understanding how to appropriately support students with social-emotional needs, developmental milestones, and those who are struggling with behavior management. I collaborate with community agencies to provide professional development for teachers to enhance their knowledge of social-emotional and behavioral needs.  I also support teachers in developing and implementing interventions to decrease classroom disruptions using practices such as crisis management, restorative justice, peer mediation, positive self-image building,  positive social skills, conflict resolution, character building, and individual and group counseling. I will provide information pertaining to community resources, referrals to community-based organizations, and education about mental health and behavioral concerns. Mostly, I am here to support the PS 233 family and community!


Shelly Ann Nesbitt