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Please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Tanisha Battle, for answers to your questions and assistance enrolling your child.

Priority is given to students who live in our zone.

Our school accepts students according to the following priorities, listed from highest to lowest:

  • Zoned students with a sibling who will be in grades K-5 at our school in 2022-2023;

  • All other zoned students;

  • Students residing in the school’s district, but outside the school’s zone, with a sibling who will be in grades K-5 at the school in 2022-2023;

  • Students residing outside of the school’s district with a sibling who will be in grades K-5 at the school in 2021-2022;

  • All other students residing in the school’s district but outside the school’s zone;

  • All other students.

School tour dates for 2023-2024 to be determined


Normal registration hours are from 9:00am to 1:00pm

This section will help you before you come to register your child at our school. To save time, you can pick up the registration packet at the school, complete it at home, and bring it with you when you come to register.  We cannot register your child if he or she is not with you when you come to the school.

When you are ready to register your child, please bring:

  • the child that you wish to register

  • your official identification

  • all documents listed below

  • current phone numbers for people you want as emergency contacts

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates and Passports are accepted for registration as proof of your child's age.  

We can only accept original documents.


Proof of Residence

You must provide 2 documents that show proof of where you live. 


Immunization Record

An immunization record must be provided as proof of your child's medical history.  If you do not have the immunization card, your child's doctor should be able to print proof for you. Your child must also have an annual physical. For more, see

​If you cannot provide the above documents, please call our main office at:

(718) 346-8103, Ext. 2193

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